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For over a decade, K & J Finishing (formerly Northern Illinois Metal Finishing) has been a constant force in the finishing industry, providing quality plating solutions on-time and on-budget. With over 100 years of combined experience, our management team focuses on one priority: your satisfaction.

Expert platers

One of the nation’s largest platers of hexavalent-free black chromate, we are experts at rack and barrel plating using numerous finishes and finishing processes. Our staff understands the complex world of chemical processing and uses its expertise to help make your products perform as specified. From one-to-two piece orders to high-volume needs – literally millions per day – we are eager to take on your job.

We deliver quality plating solutions. You get the precision you demand.
We deliver on-time. Your schedule becomes our schedule.
We deliver on-budget. You can keep costs in line with no surprises.

Racking WallWork with someone you know

Unlike many plating shops, we are well established with a solid foundation. Our staff has seen few changes over the years, giving us personnel consistency that is highly valued by many of our clients. We get to know our customers – their likes and dislikes, their special circumstances, and their business philosophies.

We’d like to work with you, too. Let us quote on your next plating job.



“I have bought and sold plating services for 30 years. In my experience, K & J Finishing’s (formerly Northern Illinois Metal Finishing) services are the best available in the United States. Their quality, delivery, and pricing are excellent. The status of your order is available in seconds. They are well-versed and certified in appropriate Quality Systems. I strongly recommend K & J Finishing to everyone.”

Randy Knutson
Industrial and Building Controls Manufacturer

Plated Parts