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Our exciting hydrographics water transfer process gives you the ability to provide more unique, custom finishes to any water-resistant product -- including almost any goods that can hold their shape after water immersion, such as plastics, woods, metals, and more. Our equipment and processes are all leading-edge, giving you the most up-to-date looks available at affordable rates.

Patterns make your products unique

Over 100 different patterns are available in-house, along with ten base-coat paints and both matte and gloss finishing coats. Click the links to see some of our most popular patterns:

Broad array of products ideal for hydrographics

Hydrographics are sought out by individuals and industries to respond to the personalization trend, giving end-users the ability to showcase their personalities or preferences in distinctive ways. Car clubs and sportsmen have been especially pleased with our exceptional results. Examples of products made unique through hydrographics include:
  • hunting equipment and paraphernalia like guns, bows, and skulls (K&J is FFL - Federal Firearm Licensed)
  • vehicle products such as helmets, motorcycles, snowmobiles, car dashboards, and steering wheels
  • commercial items like fan blades, light switches and plates, door handles, phones, mugs, and stereo covers

Put hydrographics to work for you

Both small and large volume orders are welcome; pricing is determined by the size, shape, and detailed specifications of products as well as the desired pattern. Quotes are available by calling Kris Beach at 815-965-9655, or by .

Honday Motorcycle
Golf Cart   Welding Helmet with Skulls
Gun with Camouflage

“In one word – Unbelievable!”

Todd Rhey
Rhey Graphics

“Our hydrographics equipment and processes are all leading-edge, giving our customers the most up-to-date looks available at affordable rates. We are especially excited to work with car clubs and sportsmen, as we have seen exceptional results in those areas.”

Kris Beach
Professional Hydrographics Manager
K & J Finishing
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Camouflage Helmet