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Our customers value the special services we offer, all free of charge. These capabilities combine to enhance delivery, improve quality, simplify assembly, increase dependability, facilitate proper inventory management, and meet shipping/handling guidelines.

The result? Products that meet your overall needs – and simply perform better.

Special services include:

  • Salt Spray Testing – measures environmental performance (done at no charge for initial production runs and annual certifications)
  • Atomic Absorption Unit – ensures top quality metal solutions
  • Derma Tron Unit – verifies proper thickness testing
  • X-Ray Testing – verifies proper thickness testing
  • Weigh Count Packaging – helps control proper shipping and inventory
  • Pick-up & Delivery – from your door to our door and back again, quickly
    and reliably. Minimum order restrictions may apply.
Salt spray testing
Pick-up and delivery   Weigh count packaging

“K & J Finishing (formerly Northern Illinois Metal Finishing) plays an integral role in helping Seward Screw Products meet its customers’ expectations. The level of service provided by K & J Finishing sets them apart from other companies. The overall value provided through high quality, fair costs and being dependable and cooperative makes them a valued partner.”

Jeff Easter
Engineering Manager
Seward Screw Products, Inc.

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